Alignment Project

The purpose of the Alignment Project is to uncover the needs and desires of those who wish to live a life more in alignment with what they were designed to do.

Many of us may find ourselves in a state of restlessness and anxiousness because we know that where we are is where we're not suppose to be. But we often times battle with questions and thoughts that sound like:

"If I quit my job, what am I suppose to do?"

"How will I make a living?"

"I'm not happy here but I don't see a way out."

Three years ago I left corporate America for the solopreneur life aka self-employed. I stepped outside my comfort zone, I gained freedom and buckled up for a ride of a lifetime.

Since then I've been asked by dozens of individuals to share my journey and story with them, give advice on what steps they should do next.

My hope for this project is to provide a platform and tools for those who want to make the transition from where they're at now to a higher level of purpose that's in alignment with what they were designed to do.

We're currently in the discovery phase and would love your feedback. Take a brief 6-question survey to be part of the process.