My Kind of Vegas


I thought this week I would share a little bit about my travels from a few weeks ago: VEGAS.


I boarded my flight from O’hare and headed off to Vegas for majority of the week. Since I’ve been to Vegas a dozen times it doesn’t quite trip my trigger like it may for most people. In fact, some may say I’ve never truly experience Vegas because out of all times I’ve been there I’ve never gone to the clubs, laid out by the pool or gambled. (Well, except once but it wasn’t my money ;)


When I visit Vegas I like to focus on trying out new restaurants, enjoying my downtime in my hotel room and maybe have one or two glasses of wine. To be honest, the work that I do while I’m in Vegas requires a lot of energy and although I'm a pretty energetic, lively gal, it still can drain even me. So I always want to make sure I’m resting my body, eating good foods and getting enough sleep. 


The first thing I did was check into my hotel, The Linq, and walked ten minutes to the Venetian where they have this incredible little shop called “The Juice Farm.” I found this gem last time I was in Vegas and almost wanted to cry. The flavors are amazing and this time they even had acai bowls. My favorite juice is either the Popeye Protein or Coconut Butter. I visited this place every day for breakfast. 


Tuesday night for dinner my peer, Lisa and I wanted a quick meal that was near where we were working so we walked straight to TAO, pulled up a seat at the bar, order a glass of wine and some food, allowing us to crawl into bed no later than 9pm. Now, I now you might be thinking “GRANDMAS” but hey! She’s from FL and I’m from Chicago so the time zone difference can be cruel to a traveler. No judging. 


Wednesday night we went to this fantastic local restaurant that was a few miles off of the strip called “Herbs and Rye” when you pull up you think you’re at the wrong place. There are no windows and looks quite frankly, like a run down bar. It wasn’t until we walked it and I immediately understood why it was highly recommended. 


The drinks and food were delicious. I can’t recommend the Bruschetta flatbread pizza. You will have died and gone to food heaven once you’ve eaten it. 


The last night in Vegas (Thursday), Lisa and I went on the “High-Roller” neither of us had been on it and wanted to try it out. it is a 30 minute ride and depending on the type of ticket you purchase you can have all the drinks you want and so for some it is a pretty darn good deal. The views were amazing and I had never seen Vegas from that point of view before, ever. 


Friday morning, I woke up, grabbed my juice, packed and headed off to the airport. 


The next time I will take another adventure won’t be until January and I’ll be heading back to Vegas for CES (Consumer Electronics Show), then to San Diego at the end of the month. 


What are some of your favorite must visit restaurants in Vegas? I’m always looking for suggestions because, man, do I love food. 


Until next time,