The Belly Of The Beast

"It’s a metaphor that’s been around since Jonah. Writers talk about it as the state of being deep in the middle of a work as the wheels are coming off, your faith in your talent and in your ideas crashing head-on into failed structures and dead-end choices. In Do the Work, by Steven Pressfield, “the belly of the beast” is where projects, dreams, and lives are won and lost." - Excerpt from this blog here.  

I had read "Do the Work" a few months ago and immediately resonated with it. 

Today I'm finding myself in "the belly of the beast." And a way that I coupe with tougher times and struggles is to find quotes that can express my emotions. Thus stumbling upon the one above re: Do The Work. 

It is do or die. To overcome or be defeated. It is time to survive "the belly of the beast." I do not know how long I'll be here for but what I do know is that it is possible to make it through. And I'm going to do just that.